On Winning

I am being good to the people I hate, I rarely pick any battles with genuine enemies, for the respect I hold them in, at least some of them. I stand tall, but very close to them, to watch and learn with a passion. But I am violent, rude and shrewd with those I despise, for the immense disrespect I hold against their foolish manners and disgrace. And then, at the lowest bottom of my deep blue ocean of hatred, I buried those whom I do not care about, those who cry in despair, begging for my attention. They are not worth the hassle.

I pass by many battles each and every day in my life. Some I chose to go through, others I walk away from, I skip the big wars that I cannot win, as well as the small fights that waste my time, I mastered the art of dropping lost causes, because walking away from a dusty battlefield is the best revenge.



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