The Kiss Dialogue 

She said: 

– “I want to be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how. I want to be pinned against the wall all of a sudden, and kissed in the most obscene, indecent manner, until my lips bleed, and my bones crack and burn underneath him. I want to be kissed violently, wildly, and daily that wet, sloppy kiss.

So, until his lips swallow mine, until his tongue dances with mine, until his body grinds mine, until he pours rain and lava and drink mine.. I will ache.”

He said: 

-“Could you give me the privilege of kissing you all over? Starting from your back. Beginning from your feet up to your thighs, where I will go a little bit inside the warm, dark areas. But will not touch your holy part now.. Going up to your your ass, I will kiss it, then squeeze side ways so that it press your labias inside. I will keep on squeezing then opening to see how wet your holy part become. 

When it is ready, I will go to your back, kissing your neck and ears, while I am riding on your lower waist.. My hard pillar will be laid touching your inner thighs. I will be smelling your your hair, licking your ears, kissing your neck while messaging your back with your body mist. My hands will slide on the sides touching your amazing bosoms, my head will dig into your armpit smelling and licking and kissing the side of your bosom. I will slide my oily hands and hug you tightly touching your nipples, while my pillar will be deep enough to start to knock on your flower petals. The hug will be so strong that it will be impossible for both of us to breath, you will turn your head and look at me with all the desire of the world, and then I will start to kiss you after I push your hair away from your face. 

THE KISS that will melt any nearby metal. I will inhale first your exhale a few times, charging my senses, taking a part of your air in my lungs, I will work first on your upper lip, with the inside of my lower lip teasing it with repetitive sensual strokes, starting from your nostrils going slowly down to the base of of your upper lip until I touch the wet area behind your upper lip and your teeth. Then I will be working on your lower lip starting from your chin, the smell of my tongue over your chin will drive me crazy, the valley between the chin and the lower lip is to be kissed and prepared to the electrifying touch of your lower lip with my upper lip, starting slowly with sideway motion getting your lip wet and ready for me. The tip of your tongue will be exploring the topography of my upper lip, while its inside wet part will be digging with your lower lip inside too.

Suddenly, I will turn your head so powerfully to be able to stretch your jaw to the maximum with my open jaw in a cross kissing position, where the vacuum between us makes it so hard to breath, as our tongues will entangle and suck and then entangle and suck some more. With the pressure of my body weight on your back and my head on yours makes more pressure on this Endless Kiss.”


Artwork The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt. 

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