My Everyday Struggle 

My everyday struggle..
Revolves around withholding myself from liking every post on your page, not to comment on every word you say, not to favorite and retweet every tweet you tweet, and not to heart every picture you Instagram. I call all my willpower not to hang around every little thought of yours; not to mention your musical, beloved name in every conversation I hold; not to cling on every single atom of your precious being like a little, impatient girl who is dying to grab her fruity lollipop in a chocolate factory. You should know that I am making an effort here.

And it saddens me like you wouldn’t believe; not being able to leave my black and purple hickey on your soft neck; or my red lipstick on your new shirt; or my long scratches on your back and chest. It hurts like hell, not being able to leave my mark; one way or another; on every single bright idea you bring from your exquisite mind to this dull, boring world.

Eye rolls. The struggle is real.




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