Dark Chocolate 

I think about your lips around the clock. I think about their curves and taste. Your bitter lips are the sweetest thing in the world, I like them because I like your dark side. Every time I go for some grocery shopping at a mega market, I end up in front of the chocolate stand. Hundreds of brands, tastes and flavors are all looking at me, begging me to grab some, whispering in a non-mundane Language, humming in a very faint voice “Please pick me, please pick me”. I resist the unbearable temptation of such mouthwatering scene to buy the entire chocolate stand, and I go directly to pick the weirdest flavors of all: Dark and Salty, and Dark and Spicy bars. Polar opposites.

Dark chocolate with a twist is my favorite. Maybe because I usually go for the unusual, therefore I am so into you, my love. Yes, I like bitterness, I like bitterness all the way, I am twisted enough for that, sweetness is overrated, too much sugar makes me gag. And I like my chocolate the way I like my man, bitter and murky, complex and abnormal. I like you, and I like your bitter lips.

Imagine two chained sex beasts like us finally unleashed in their privacy, and both are emotionally and mentally twisted. Imagine the possibilities. But you have to bow down to love and surrender. You have to tell me that I am the only one.

I know how to change the bitterness of your lips. I will break down the salty chocolate bar into little pieces, and I will put one piece into your mouth, leave it there for a few seconds, while I will be kissing your lips gently and passionately. Then I will put my thumb into your mouth, and take the salty piece out of it, which will be smalled and melted a little from the heat of your tongue, and put it into my mouth, rolling it up and down with my tongue and viscous saliva, while kissing you again, then I will push it back with my tongue gently into your mouth. This will go on and on and on, until the abused salty piece of chocolate vanishes completely between our tongues. After that legendary kiss, your lips will not be as bitter as before, and you; my love, will no longer be the man you used to be.



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