Six Degrees of Domination (2)


Understanding the personality and the power of The Femdom.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

Unlike the submissive man who lacks the solid relationship with the father figure in his childhood, The Female Dominant most likely was brought up as daddy’s little princess. She usually had nannies and lived the easy life, all her wishes were granted no matter how ridiculous they are, she is used to giving orders, so she grows up with a great sense of authority over other people, even when she cannot get what she wants, she bursts in anger and eventually gets it, and she doesn’t take No for an answer. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. But because she lives easily, she tends to rebel, she wants to have a path of her own, so she becomes the typical Bobo or Bourgeois-Bohème: Combining the free-spirited, artistic rebelliousness of the bohemian beatnik or hippie with the worldly ambitions of their bourgeois corporate forefathers, a comfortable contortion of caring capitalism.

She usually works in the entertainment industry.

Most Femdoms are the creatures of the night, they are movie actresses, contemporary dancers, pole strippers, super models, fine artists, fashion designers, fiction writers, TV anchors, or simply represent any profession that requires the woman to assert herself aggressively in public. That doesn’t mean that Femdoms cannot be doctors or lawyers or college teachers or work in other conservative professions, but generally, they feel more in tune with fame. Unlike the submissive man who busts his ass to hide his masochist notions, the Femdoms are very comfortable in their own skin, very proud of who they are, they do not mind reading their names printed in big fonts in the tabloids, they love rumors and enjoy the show. They live an interesting life, therefore men from all walks of life flock at their feet, because they want to be a part of that life.

The core value of the Femdom is that she has no shame. She is genuinely shameless, and it is not only about her sexuality, but it pulls to her attitude towards life altogether. She is completely and utterly shameless. What separates a great Femdom from a mediocre girl is Shamelessness. We are not referring to a lack of conscience, having a gregarious, extroverted personality, or any of the other ways we traditionally look at arrogant people. For the most part, those stereotypes are myths. By shamelessness, we mean: an unshakable belief that what she is doing is good for her well-being and for the relationship as well, and she has the willingness to do anything to bring it into being.

“My house, my rules.”

The Femdom is fiercely independent: My house, my rules. She puts her work and career first and she is never willing to compromise. She is happy and content and feels complete all the time for being who she is whether she is in a relationship or not. Femdoms never drop their values to please a man, never cancel an outing with friends or a family gathering to hang out with a man, they never change anything in their looks or personality for the sake of a man. They never accept presents or favors from anyone, and they enjoy saying “No” to anything or anyone who doesn’t please them. The Femdom is a woman on her own, she knows that the road to freedom starts with financial independence, so she could easily tear up a million dollars cheque if she doesn’t like the person behind that offer, and she goes out to conquer the world and find a way to make that million dollars because she is wise and resourceful. She is a decision maker, and she takes responsibility for everything that is in her life, never of the fatalistic type. She dominates herself first, she is in control of her feelings and thoughts and desires, she is not a nag, crying because she is single while being dominant has nothing to do with being in a relationship, she is poised and cool, and her coolness is what makes her attractive. She is just fine, with or without a man.

To be continued...

This series of articles on the BDSM scene was inspired by and dedicated to the owners of Six Degrees Night Club in Egypt and all its visitors and fans, the high profile nightclub has been shut down by the Egyptian government over performing a BDSM show by professional artists. Sex in art and entertainment is the most frequent target of censorship crusades. The Hermit will keep writing on that topic to honor and support freedom of offensive speech in the entertainment industry and the arts.

Part (1): Understanding the submissive man.


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